The Aero Club of Israel (ACI) is a non-profit organization which today is the hub of aviation sports in Israel. Since 1951 the ACI is the Israeli representative of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), the international body which sanctions all aviation sports competitions, championships and records worldwide. FAI was founded in 1905.
The ACI was founded in 1933 under a different name. Then it was “The Flying Camel” and served under the cover of a sports club as the aviation arm of the State of Israel to be. Many air force commanders, including Ezer Wiezmann, the Past President of the State of Israel, and other prominent aviation figures, had their initial training and first steps in aviation as members of the ACI.

Today, the ACI is a confederation of seven specialized associations which are active in specific aviation sports fields: aero modeling, hang gliding, sky diving, paragliding, ultra light aircraft, soaring (gliding), and general aviation. The total number of members is about 2,600, with about one third juniors (under 18 years of age), primarily in aero modeling.

In spite of the severe financial restrictions under which the ACI operates, its team and individual representatives had a remarkable success on the international scene. Since 1978 they have earned 8 gold medals, 10 silver medals, 12 bronze medals and won 28 times between fourth and sixth places in World and European championships and Aviation Olympics. In national open championships there have been 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and 21 fourth to sixth places, all sanctioned by the FAI.

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